Thursday, June 17, 2010

Voyage of the Dawn Treader Trailer- a Delicate Dissection

I was all set to write a more serious post today to counteract my previous frivolous posts. But the Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer completely blew my noble intentions out of the water. Or should it be sucked them in?

Anyway, I have my tumbler of H2O ready with me, my feet are barefoot and my hair is tied away from my face. On with the picking apart!

* I would hereby like to say that these observations will be totally objective. "Would like" is the operative phrase.

* If you don't agree with my observations, please comment. I like to hear different opinions from my own. It would remind me that I'm not as great as I think I am. Joking, joking.

Because I strive to be orderly, I'm breaking my thoughts into bullet points.

1. I'm so happy Aslan has several appearances in the trailer! When I watched Prince Caspian, I was annoyed that Aslan got so little screen time. Considering the fact that he is the one who binds all Narnia together, and is the most integral part of the story, those barely-ten minutes were like a slap in the face. I actually stayed behind to watch the credits in the theatre, hoping Aslan would pop up somewhere. But he didn't. Part of the reason why PC didn't work for me was that the absence of Aslan made everything seem chaotic and disorderly.

2. I wasn't expecting Lucy's face to morph into Susan's. In the novel, Lucy sees a more beautiful version of herself in Coriakin's book. At first my purist soul was dismayed, then as I reflected on it, I realised that it does make sense. I remember the one line in that scene where Lucy imagines Susan being jealous of the beautiful Lucy because she was always referred to as the beauty of the Pevensie family. And such a problem is a very girl thing; even plucky Lucy suffers from low self-esteem on account of her looks. Though as an aside, I think Lucy's very pretty herself, and nothing in the world can make her more beautiful than she already is.

3. Caspian's hair. Should this even be a bullet point? Nevertheless. I saw Ben Barnes' interview for the Dorian Gray movie, and he'd been sporting long, Legolas-style locks. I guess they ditched the extensions because the trailer shows him having the same length as in PC. The mustache and beard make him look way older and more kingly, which is good as Ben always looks five years younger than his actual age.

4. The White Witch. I am so tired of her. Maybe this is just me. I mean, VODT the novel has no epic battle, no blood-curdling action. Well there is some, but VODT on the whole is more pastoral than the rest of the Narnian books. The producers probably need some more action to draw in the crowd, but this scene could only be a dream. After all, this is a trailer, not the entire movie.

5. Edmund's having issues. Sigh. I was bemused by Peter's issues in PC, and now Edmund's taking up the mantle of angst. Why? I've always relied on Ed's wry humour in the novels, and now he's gonna go angsty on me? Nooooooooooo....

6. I can't wait to see Eustace! Will Poulter looks so right in the role, and I'm glad they decided to cast him. Though I was disappointed to see no more than two seconds of him, I'm hoping the movie will grant him a grand share of the focus. After all, VODT is the intro to one of the characters that lasts the longest in the Narnian series( he's in VODT, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle).

Well, I've drained my water to the last dregs, and find no more energy in me to go on with the bullet points. I think I'll just wait till the movie comes out. It's going to be a long wait. Let's pray it's worth it.

* Thanks to NarniaWeb for the gorgeous screencaps!

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