Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back into the Blogosphere

I am Back. And it has been a month and four days since I last posted on here. Bad girl. Very bad girl. WHERE has my discipline gone? Not that I was a terribly rabid poster anyway, but if one has a blog, one has to maintain the said blog. Cardinal rule of blogging. A rule I obviously broke. But what can I say? Life and school intruded. And, according to my brother's engineering magazine, too much time on the Internet can really have an effect on your reading habits and the way you process information. Horrified by such news, I am now trying earnestly to cut back on my Internet time.

But I still intend to post on this blog. And the posts are probably going to be as erratic and miscellaneous as they already were. I want to glorify God through this blog, and document my growing relationship with Him. He is my everything.

Anyway, considering that The Vogage of the Dawn Treader is almost upon us (yippeee!), I'm thinking of doing a lot of Narnia-skewed posts before the premiere. Oh who am I kidding, even if I had no excuse I would probably choke this bitsy blog with Narnia-related things anyway.

So, without further adieu...

Keep shining for Jesus!

Artist: Ron DiCianni