Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aisha 2010 - Rising Expectations

Details of the Bollywood film Aisha were released on June 8, and I came across an article from Enchanted Serenity of Period films that provided more information.
To be honest, when I heard last year that there was going to be a Bollywood version of Emma coming out sometime this year, I was not duly impressed. Bollywood and I have been having a frosty relationship of late, and I enjoyed turning up my nose at this news. What did Bollywood know of Jane Austen? Yes, I know there was a little film called Bride and Prejudice, but to apprise those misguided few out there, B&P is not a Bollywood film. It was directed by Gurindher Chadha, who is British-Indian, and while it stars Bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai; it has not been produced by a Bollywood film studio.

My icy scorn thawed somewhat when I heard that Sonam Kapoor was going to play the part of Aisha (Emma). Sonam is practically the only young B'wood actress I have a modicum of respect for. Unlike most of the new up-and-comers, she actually appears to possess a brain, and has presence on screen. Added to this is the fact that she's read Emma, and ranks it as one of her favourite novels.

Even more pleasantly surprising, is the fact that Abhay Deol is going to star opposite her. Abhay's star has been on the rise, especially with his film Dev D, which was a critical hit and earned him many glowing reviews and praise in a year when every Bollywood movie appeared devoid of anything approaching substance. I personally can't wait to see how he and Sonam relate on the screen. I think Sonam matches well with any actor, but Abhay's talent raises my hope levels to unnatural heights. I'm expecting promising things from this duo.

And if you disappoint me yet again Bollywood, I will take a long vacation from you! Consider yourself forewarned!

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