Friday, May 14, 2010

Prince of Persia- Should I?

As I recall, Prince of Persia was the only video game I ever became attached to. Two reasons for this.
One: I was a child, and therefore all the more susceptible to attachment.
Two: Anything with a prince in it should get me interested. Haha, I kid. Actually, I became totally wrapped up in the game because the prince has to try and get through a myriad of dungeons and hideous beasties to rescue the princess.

I used to try my utmost to get the prince to rescue the princess, since I, as the player, was jerking the prince along with my pathetic gaming skills. I hated seeing him gutted in splashes of blood by those pointed dungeon gates or coldly murdered by some evil foe.

However, this happened about ten years ago. And now some Hollywood producers have trotted out a Prince of Persia movie.

Good grief. I've never been too fond of games-turned-to-movies, but I was actually toying of the idea of spending my sweat-produced cash to see this. However, after the trailer, I think I'll just redeposit the money back into my little trust fund.

Yeess. That did not look good. At least, it did not look like my definition of good. And-er- where are all the Persian people? If you're going to call a movie " The Prince of Persia", try to make it look as real as possible, please. Attaching black extensions and smearing on black eyeliner does not transform you into an automatic Persian, in fact the actors look about as Persian as my cat. Sir Ben Kingsley is probably the only one who looks right ( but this could be because he's half-Asian anyway.)

 The story sounds idiotic. Then again, it comes from the producer of Pirates of the Caribbean, those movies with plotlines famed for making no sense.

And the costumes? Bleh. Gemma Aterton's got some rather nice tunics on, which are actually good to fight in and help in running away from evil villains unhampered by long skirts. They are very light and airy ( I've got a few myself).

However, with such a beautiful and culturally rich kingdom as Persia (modern-day Iran), I was hoping that the costumes would have extra pizzazz and colour. And while I think Gemma's a promising up-and-coming actress, her polished Brit accent rather threw me off in the trailer. The actors didn't even appear to be trying to mimic Persian/Iranian accents. I know Hollywood doesn't think much of historical accuracy, but really?

I've decided only to watch movies which have either complex characters, or intriguing plots or well-expressed emotions. I do not want to waste the time God has given me in watching movies which are practically useless. Doing so would not be leisure. I'd rather read a good book.

Book I am currently reading, no joke. So goodbye Prince of Persia. I never did make it past Level Two anyway.

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