Saturday, May 15, 2010

Daily Devotional Review- Pure by Rebecca St. James

Doesn't that cover look delicious? Warm pink with luscious chocolate hues and icing- green...mmmm... *brief pause while I chew on my sugary-sweet danish*

Anyway, I'd been looking for a daily devotional for some time, and this girly one from Rebecca St. James intrigued me. After forcing  requesting my mother to buy it, I then spent the next ninety days reading from this devotional during my quiet times with God.

The verdict? Very inspiring. The book is titled "Pure" and it encourages us to strive for absolute purity in this morally decaying world. What I especially like is that the book is divided into three sections : Purity of mind, purity of soul and purity of body.

While some themes central to St. James' message were present ( like abstinence until marriage for instance), I was pleased that  she had also written on other topics such as witnessing, being vulnerable to other Christian brothers and sisters, and putting the focus solely on God.

This book calls for total purity, not just purity of body, but purity of mind and soul as well. I was challenged to give my all for God, and not hold back when it comes to trusting Him. I found this especially hard to do, as I value my independence and usually attempt to do things my way which usually ends in a big fat fail.

So yes, I was glad that I forced  requested my mother to buy me the devotional. This book is aimed at the preteen to college crowd though,  as it has much advice for those who are single. Still, don't let yourself be pigeon-holed by that if you're truly eager to read the book. I've realised (wait for the words of wisdom) that when God wants you to learn a lesson, you will learn it, regardless of how you learn it.

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