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Aslan's Country: VODT Extravaganza! Day 1

Yay, Day One! And I just realised that this whole Narnia Extravaganza is pushing my Narnia hysteria closer and closer to the edge. Can't wait for the fall!!!

*slaps self back to reality*

Okay, first let me get some housekeeping out of the way.

Schedule for the Voyage of the Dawn Treader Extravaganza:

24 November: Introduction
27 November: A Scene in the life of...
1 December: Favourite Scene/s in the VODT
4 December: Favourite Character in the VODT
8 December: Mad Movie Expectations
10 December: Wrap-up + possible surprise!

I'm so excited about this because it gives me an excuse to loudly and truly fangirl. But I think Narnia's worth fangirling (or boying) over, don't you?

And without further (or much ;) ado, let's get started!


The Voyage of the Dawn Treader has always been one of my favourite Narnia books. Okay, who am I kidding? Every Narnia books is my favourite Narnia book. But that in no way degrades my ardour. Each book appeals to me on a different level. While I love LWW for the sense of wonder and adventure, and Caspian for its danger and urgency, I love VODT because it takes a step back from the frenetic atmosphere of Caspian, and indulges in a sweet, pure-hearted tone, with merry jokes and solemn life lessons making a satisfying repast.

I've always likened VODT to the Narnia version of Pilgrim's Progress, where we see characters encountering tough and tempting situations, and see how they extricate themselves from these situations with the help of God or God's own helpers. Reepicheep the mouse is perhaps the most obvious pilgrim, as he reaches that " world that is yet to come" or "Aslan's Country" or " The Celestial City" or "Heaven". Choose which name you like! Or choose all of them ;)
Yet every character faces tough situations that expose their faults and that make them realise that they need to correct these faults. Eustace is a glaring example, but even Lucy, everyone's sweetheart, faces a problem that girls all over will understand, how outward beauty in this world is almost everything, and how tempting it is to want that beauty.

I honestly don't know how the story in the upcoming movie has changed. But from what I watched of the trailers, I think they're going to keep the Pilgrim's Progress undertone intact. I recently read an interview with Douglas Gresham ( didn't know he was Christian!!!) and was so touched by what he said about the movie that I almost flowed into tears. Okay, what is wrong with me, it's just a movie, just a movie, just a movie...

Anyway, here's the link to the interview. I highly recommend reading it: it's inspiring to see that there are Christian people making popular movies.

And now... a few questions for you!

What struck you when you first read VODT?

Whose struggle did you identify with the most? Eustace's greed for material wealth? Lucy's wish for astonishing beauty? Caspian's attempt to have ultimate control, even to the point of defying Aslan?

Have you ever:

Written Narnia fanfic?
Thought of writing Narnia fanfic?
Wished Peter/Edmund/Caspian/Trinian, etc were real so you could marry them?
Wished Narnia were real? (ditto)
Hated your own wardrobe for not leading to an exciting magical land?
Wanted to see Aslan's country?
Worn a Narnia costume to a party/masquerade/ around the house?

Fun art from Deviantart:

Isn't this just lovely? I think it captures the beautiful pastoral feel of VODT just perfectly. Credit to forgedirony for such wonderful art!

I really like the mirror effect in this one; credit to picklelova for such a fantastic idea!

These artists on Polyvore have made some beautiful VODT sets. I suggest visiting their polyvore pages linked below and Polyvore in general for more Narnia stuff!

And that's it for the intro! Hope you had fun! Remember that the next event is on Saturday!

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