Friday, October 22, 2010

The Write Adventure

NaNoWriMo's a coming, and I feel like a Really Bad Writer because I've no intention of participating. I mean, c'mon. I'm the sort of writer who never know where s/he is going, what the characters are going to do next, or even if any of the cast is going to be alive at the end of it. Sometimes this writer wonders if she's  going to be alive at the end of it. But... I actually enjoy it!


Because not knowing where my story is going to take off next is exciting. Throat-twistingly scary, but enormously fun. It's like bungee-jumping into an everlasting valley without knowing if you're all buckled up. Actually, it's like bungee jumping with nothing but your clothes on your body. Sometimes I wish that I'd everything all planned out nicely and neatly arranged, colour-coded and carefully alphabetized, but that would be oh so very boring.

Instead, this style of writing lets me rely on God more. I ask God to help me out when characters have sent me to Coventry, when my plots scream insanity, and when the dialogues are more stilted than Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy at the beginning of P & P.

God is the Great Artist and Master Storyteller- who better to turn to? ;)

If you're a writer and you are reading this post, I'm interested in what your writing style is . Unbelievably unpredictable? Happy-go-lucky? Precisely penned? Beautifully measured?

In the end... let's not forget that all creativity comes from God. When I delight in my stories, in my characters, I am delighting in the marvelous adventure that is God's brilliance.

Whatever you do, do it for the Lord!


  1. lol, "wonders if she's going to be alive at the end of it. :D
    For myself... I suppose "happy-go-lucky" kinda sums it up. I like to have SOME idea of where I'm going, but mostly the story happens as I type. :) And yes, I think it's fun. I cannot stand outlines (which may be why the timing in my stories is always so vague...) :P

  2. Hmm, yes outlines are tricky for one's conscience, aren't they? Sometimes, when I ram my head against a brick wall, I try my hand at an outline to see how far my story's gone and to see how far it can go. Outlines help me know the route my story wants to take sometimes, but other times they're just an exercise in exasperation. Writing a story is scary- and absolutely wonderful.

  3. Great post! :) I like your style of writing because you let your writing lead the way, which is interesting. Sometimes my writing just comes to me. I'm not the person who plans out everything before hand. I usually have an idea, then just go with it! :) Lovely picture!

  4. Thanks Shelley! Can I say I adore your writing! Your poems are so beautiful! You have a lot of talent :)
    And I didn't realise it, but there is actually a white shining figure in the picture if you stare at it long enough. I can't decide whether it's creepy or amazing.

  5. I'm with you! I'm not doing Nanowimo this year. I had a terrible time keeping up last year because I was constantly re-writing my story. Too stressful for me!

  6. @ Emily Shae,

    I think NaNoWriMo's a great idea if you have an entire month to devote to writing. As a university student, it's just not possible for me! And I want to have a life too :) Maybe one day I'll have an entire month to devote to my novel... but I think it should be a month in sunny July!


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