Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I know I haven't been around much, but I'm not too worried about that because there are about a hundred and thirty-four other blogs better looking and better written than mine, and I'm sure my dear followers and readers are happily occupied reading those. But my dad told me about the 10 aid workers recently killed in Afghanistan, and I felt I had to share the information. And my thoughts on it. Of course.

As I was reading about the ten aid workers and their commitment to a tough, financially unrewarding, dangerous job in order to help those in need, I was deeply moved. These people practised what Jesus preached. Their love and service to the Afghan people is a shining testament and example to me. I hope that God will use me, weak and fallible as I am, to show His love and to demonstrate His power and majesty in the same manner one day. I also pray that He prepares me for such a task, and that He will equip me daily to be ready fpr the trials and hardships that will come my way.

I'm glad that all over the world there are Christians demonstrating Christ's perfect, blessed, amazing love in a thousand different ways. It inspires me to keep on even when there are days when I fail, days when I need to bring myself to my knees to ask God for forgiveness for my wilful stubborness. I hope this this will inspire you too.

Here's the link with additional information:

For my next post, I'm working on a recap of the period drama series I'm currently watching. Stay tuned for some not-so-insightful musings! ;)

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